Episode 17 – Testimony (Clive Barber)

Baptised as an 8 day old baby and given communion from 6 months old, Clive Barber spent the first 17 years of his life in a legalistic religious sect that held meetings every day of the year. However, all that time, Clive never discovered the truth that he was a lost sinner in need of God’s salvation. Excommunicated and told to leave his home at the age 17 for infringing the sect’s rules, Clive turned against Christ, the Bible and Christians. He became involved in drugs, crime and the vandalism of churches – but by the grace of God, while in Australia, came under the influence of a saved businessman who gave him a job, a Bible and introduced him to the gospel of Christ. Over a period of months, God brought Clive under deep conviction of sin, until finally he trusted in the Lord Jesus for personal salvation and the forgiveness of sin, after hearing the gospel preached by the evangelist Norman Mellish (Testimony given 6th July 2018)